By Tim Lucas, Touchstone,
2005, 416 pp., Trade Paperback

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     Teeming with eerie atmosphere and wicked incident, Tim Lucas’s inspired spin-off of Bram Stoker’s enduring classic DRACULA chronicles the mysterious tale of the Count’s pitiful pawn, R.M. Renfield.

     When we first meet Renfield in DRACULA, he is a tortured soul in decline, a fly-gobbling, Scripture-quoting lunatic who acts as a haunted harbinger of Dracula’s arrival in England. In the unfolding of the climax, readers discover that Renfield, under restraint in the asylum of Dr. John Seward, has been in psychic communication with Dracula all along, acting as his eyes and ears in expectation of unspeakable rewards.

     Now, in an ingenuous work of fiction, author Tim Lucas at last brings Renfield’s own story to light. THE BOOK OF RENFIELD is a collection of the long-lost private diaries, professional journals and wax cylinder recordings that comprise Dr. Seward’s obsessive study of Renfield. Featuring appearances by many of the characters from the original DRACULA, Lucas’s novel takes on the frighteningly realistic tone of a textual documentary as it illuminates the warped consciousness of Renfield and reveals, through a series of stories from his childhood, how this poor unfortunate was predisposed to become the ideal portal for evil in the modern world.

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